CSA is Back! First Newsletter of 2016 :)

Hello my dear CSA friends:)  It is a joy to be back with you as we enter another season of local produce.  It has been a slow start for us this year, as we took the winter off of vegetable production for the first time in three years to focus on much needed farm planning and compliance work.

          We are excited to be up and running, though the breakneck pace is a bit much to handle so early in the season.  We’ve been working hard on prepping beds, planting seeds, transplanting and the myriad other tasks that get a small farm up and running for spring.

          It is not unusual to have alternating hot and cold periods during the spring, so Asian greens are always a bit of a gamble, as are the tender greens like arugula.  We lost quite a few rows of these to bolting, and you’ll notice some seed shoots in your mixed greens; fear not, they are quite tasty.  The other thing you’ll notice is that the leaves on some of the greens have been snacked on by bugs; there are two things I would note here.  First, anything that bugs have eaten on is clearly nutritious or they would have chosen to go elsewhere.  Second, much experience with eating leaves with holes in them has taught me that holes have no flavor, so again, fear not.

          We have a frost advisory for tonight (Sunday night) as I write this newsletter.  I’ve just come in from picking the tatsoi and Chinese cabbages because they were in rows that were uncovered and I was unwilling to put them through a potential frost prior to harvest tomorrow morning.  It is nice to have the flexibility as a farmer to pick a few things on Sunday night to make sure they will be of highest quality for you, dear friends, on the morrow.  Enjoy the fresh spearmint for making tea.:)

          The salad mix is some of the best you’ll see from us this year, fabulous and tender having been protected by floating row cover from the vagaries of both hot and cold weather patterns.  I’ve been patiently waiting its harvest over the last few weeks, and now the time has come.  We have a number of successions of greens planted out, with several more still in the greenhouse pipeline with plans to seed more this week.  Succession is the way of life for us, helping to guarantee we  have a variety of salable crops throughout the season while avoiding overwhelming our market (or harvest) capacity with too much of any one thing at any one time.

          Life has become more hectic than I could have imagined with the many different speaking engagements, conferences, meetings and events that I now attend.  We are keeping the pieces pulled together as best we can and appreciate your forbearance and support in any mistakes or missteps we may make over the course of the season.  That said, we are expecting another magical run of the CSA and appreciate your support, as always, dear friends.  Much love and welcome to the 2016 season, we look forward to sharing it with you! 

- Team HappyDay

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