HappyDay Farms CSA Newsletter June 6th

Boomboomjamjamgotime!  Things have been smashing along as we’ve entered what feels like the heat of summer in this first week of June.  We had one cool, cloudy day over the weekend but otherwise it’s been scorching.  I’ve been double-dutying the lettuce-watering to make sure that it didn’t go bitter in the heat, and I must say that I’m pretty pleased with the results.  The salad mix this week is excellent, enjoy it while it lasts, we’ve got a week or two left and then it’s gone for the summer…

       We’ve started harvesting the first of the summer squash, and I’m nearly done planting out their successions.  I’ve still got winter squash, some melons, the third, fourth and fifth successions of tomatoes and most of the basil to go out, but we’re maxed out for bed space.  Harvesting the fennel and some of the greens is gonna free up enough space to get the squash and most of the melons in, but I’m waiting impatiently for the garlic to come out to get the rest of the tomatoes in.

           We’ve definitely been full-speed-ahead-and-damn-the-torpedoes around here, making good use of the long days to accomplish lots of action.  This is the time of year when everything grows fast, weeds included, and they are threatening to overwhelm the garden.  The paths are getting narrower as abundant growth in flowers, herbs and weeds starts to take over the open spaces.  We’ll be doing another run through with the weedeater and as much weeding as we can squeeze in this week to try and keep things under control, but I can already see that it’s gonna be touch and go this year and we may take some steps back in the overall weed-seed populations.  If so, so be it.

          This is point in the season where the spring greens bounty meets the beginning of summer harvest crops.  There is a choice this week between fennel (great grilled or sautéed in stirfry) or cabbage, which might just be my favorite vegetable.  The greens are crisp and tasty, both in salad mix form and in heartier cooking action.  Enjoy stirfrys, sautes with eggs for breakfast, salads, sandwiches, wraps, many are the options for mopping up the tasty pile of greens.  Good things abound as we continue our march towards the full height of summer.        

        I love this time of year (come to think of it there aren’t any times of year that I don’t love) because of the length of the days.  I’m able to accomplish many of the things that I put on my morning list (as opposed to winter when I am forever not finishing what I had hoped to in a day), though there is so much to be done that I never quite get to everything.  We’ve been prepping, planting, organizing, and working on getting our general act together as we start to see the end of the spring-planting tunnel.  There will be a brief respite (maybe an hour or two) before we gear into fall planting after the solstice.  On a year-round farm there is always much to be done, and we’re excited about the bountiful opportunity to come.  Much love, great success, Team HappyDay :)

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