HappyDay Farms CSA Newsletter June 13th :)

The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, and hopefully they don’t fall off.  We’re definitely gonna roll it till the wheels fall off, although sometimes it feels like it could happen at any minute.  Things are moving so fast, and there’s so much to do, that there are times when it feels like I’m gonna lose my mind.  But then I get it together and keep on trucking.

         Lots of meetings, lots of policy work, lots of farming.  That’s what we’ve got going on; definitely looking forward to the brief respite that occurs around the summer solstice.  We’re about a week out from having the last successions of summer crops in the ground, and two and a half weeks out from the beginning of fall seed starting, which means that there will be (hopefully) a week and a half in there where things may slow down at least a little bit.  We shall see, fingers are crossed.

       We’ve struggled a bit with timers malfunctioning and clogging filters over the last week; it looks as though I’ve ruined one of my successions of cauliflowers (I’m not sure how long they were dry for).  These battery operated timers can be frustrating when they fail because you don’t know it until you see that the plants aren’t looking happy.  It pays to walk the garden twice/day and make sure that everything has gotten water, because in the heat it doesn’t take much time without water to have a negative effect on yield/quality.

          The season of greens is still going strong; it’s been good to get a cooler spell of weather, though we are starting to see bolting on some of the kales and collards.  The salad mix is in its final run, still strong into the home stretch.  We’ll have to start sourcing head lettuce from Irene pretty soon; she has the cooler nights down in the valley that produce stellar heads of crisp and tasty lettuce all through the heat of summer.  We have the warm nights that grow production hot crops up here on the hill, but it means that we struggle through July and August with things like cooking greens and salad mixes.  It works out though because it fits into our rotational plan; by early August we’ll be sowing them again for September harvests that run on through the winter.

       Our elevation means that we don’t see as many frosts as the valleys in the winter, though we experience more than a little bit of wind.  Row covers and hoophouses are key to maintaining high quality veggies through the course of the varied weather patterns that a year-round farm experiences.

        Lots of stellar tasty experiences this week; enjoy the parsley, I like to saute it up in stirfry with chicken and veggies or eat it straight for the flavor and mouth freshness.  Green garlic adds a spicy, flavorful punch to many different types of meals, don’t be afraid to experiment with it!  Enjoy the salads and tasty cooking greens while you can, they’ll soon be gone from the picture.  See the “wrap” recipe below for what to do with the large collard leaves if you don’t feel like stirfrying them with bacon.  Much love, great success, Team HappyDay

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