HappyDay Farms CSA Newsletter August 22nd :)

We’re moving into shorter days, I’ve noticed that it’s getting light later each morning.  It’s a comforting feeling to be keyed in to the changing of the seasons, so that each day brings a perceptible difference in the world around me.

         It’s certainly starting to feel like fall around here; the last couple of nights have cooled off a bit, which is most welcome after the heat wave we’ve been enduring.  Much like last year, we’re seeing many of our summer crops start to go by the wayside about a month earlier than I would have expected.  Over the next few weeks we’ll be pulling out most of our cucumbers, squash, and a few rows of tomatoes as we make way for the onslaught of fall brassica, salad mixes and cooking greens that are coming on strong in the greenhouse.

       Transplanting everything from six packs and 3-4” pots means added work, but it also allows us to maximize our space as the plants in the greenhouse get big and hardy before going out into their rows.  This also means that we can maximize the harvest window for the crops that remain producing until the last minute before the transplanting.

           We’ve pretty much filled up all of the empty rows that were available and are now eyeing the summer crops, thinking to ourselves “which ones of you are no longer making the cut?”  We’ve already yanked a row of cucumbers that wasn’t producing well, and are looking at the other options with a calculating eye.

       I’m thrilled to report that I’ve finally solved the water problems.  We had a baffling situation in which the tanks at the top of the hill that we use for backup storage have been filling nicely, but the tank at midslope that we use for daily irrigation wasn’t maintaining it’s water level.  We figured that we had either a leak in the system or that we were using too much water, so we’ve spent a frustrating three weeks trying to find the issue without any success.

         It wasn’t until this weekend when I unscrewed the float valve on the irrigation tank and realized that it was clogged with debris that we solved the problem.  Water is flowing well again and we’re thrilled to have our system back up and operating in the correct manner.

           We’ve been picking a huge amount of tomatoes, peppers and eggplants.  This may be the best year we’ve ever had for peppers and eggplants, and the tomatoes are really starting to come in now.  We’re looking forward to canning all sorts of sauce type tomato products to put away for winter and for use for the early spring CSA shares.  The basil is still coming along fairly well, although some of it bolted in the heat we’ve had of late.  We’re excited to have Irene’s potatoes and we know you’ll enjoy having them in the share this week.

       Enjoy the full bombardment of summer this week; lots of tasty flavors; as always, we appreciate sharing the journey with you!  Much love, great success, Team HappyDay :)

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