HappyDay Farms CSA Newsletter August 29th :)

This morning is the first day of cool, cloudy weather we’ve seen in quite a long time.  It was glorious to wake up and see the fog river flowing through the notch in the ridge a few hundred yards from the farm.  We are fast approaching the magic of fall as we make another seasonal transition in this trip around the sun.

          It was a glorious weekend of celebration in the community; we’re relishing the afterglow as we move through this market morning.  Saturday we celebrated the wedding of Johnny and Michele; it was the most colorful wedding I’ve ever attended, with many awesome costumes and flowers and happiness all around.  It is always a joy to celebrate with community; stellar music, great food, an all-around awesome time.

        The same could be said for the Crawfish Boil we attended yesterday in Laytonville.  An outstanding community event made possible by huge amounts of hard work from local citizens.  The Boil is a fundraiser, generating money to keep the financially struggling Laytonville Ambulance in operation.  It was awesome to see so many good folks turn out to enjoy food, tunes and brews in good company.  We look forward to next year already!         The farm is showing strong signs of moving into fall, even though the calendar doesn’t allow for it for more than three weeks.  Fall crops are coming along nicely; cabbages, beets, cauliflower, kale, collards, broccoli have all doubled in size since being planted out over the past few weeks.  Bed space is at a premium and we are full to the gills in the hoophouse with plants waiting to go out.

         This is time of year where we start to eyeball bed-space and decide which of the summer crops have dropped off their production capacities enough to justify yanking them in favor of the next rotation to go in.  If we had unlimited bed space (ie if we were a bigger farm) we’d let them linger and keep limping the production along, but given the reality of our limited options, some things get yanked earlier than they otherwise might.  We’ve started pulling out squash and cukes, and will be yanking two rows of tomatoes in the next couple of weeks.

         The share this week is summer bounty going strong.  As always, we’re thrilled about the potatoes from Irene.  Tasty and hearty, they get us through the months of no-heading-brassica.  On farm we tend to rely on cabbage-broccoli-cauliflower for the hearty vegetable contribution to whatever chunk of meat we’re cooking up.  During the late summer and early fall, potatoes provide the crucial link.  I made a stellar stiryfry the other day with diced pork roast, eggplant, peppers, squash and onions.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with different combinations, you never know when you’ll stumble upon the next culinary delight!

        Enjoy the full bombardment of summer this week; lots of tasty flavors; as always, we appreciate sharing the journey with you!  Much love, great success, Team HappyDay :)

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