HappyDay Farms CSA Newsletter for May 16th

I’ll tell you one thing for sure; we’re just barely keeping the wheels on the machine.  It’s been pretty intense these last few weeks with the Boss Lady gone to take care of her Mama and the ridiculous amount of policy work/meetings/discussions that have been going on.  It’s after 10:30 PM on Sunday night as I write this, just having finished washing greens to get a head start on tomorrow’s picking because I have to leave early to make it to the Board of Supervisors meeting.  No rest for the weary, although I’m jazzed to leave the BOS meeting and head for Sacramento to pick up Amber tomorrow evening :)

       This coming weekend is Usal weekend, which I’ve been counting down towards for a couple of months now.  It’s always a joy to be able to head out for a few days, especially this time of year when things are so hectic.  I’m looking forward to being out of cell/email range for 72 hours; this whole political process is starting to wear me out and it will be nice to unplug for a bit.

          The farm is full steam ahead, things are growing nicely and we’re right on schedule with planting stuff out.  The last round of greens (except for a few trays of collards) went out on Friday, which means that we’re rounding the bend and headed into summer crop territory.  The first three sets of squash have been planted out, with a couple more to go.  None of the tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, melons or okra have gone out yet, so the greenhouses have a wide array of 4” pots full of stellar looking starts just waiting to head out into their place on the farm.  One of the issues is that many of them have to mark time until their place is harvested and cleared of the previous crop that is taking up space in the beds they are destined for.  We maximize productivity by prepping the bed and transplanting in large, healthy starts as soon as we’ve harvested to maximize productivity and minimize time to market for any given space.  This enables us to harvest as much as possible out of a small area, maintaining a shifting choreography of plant rotations that moves gently through the seasons.

         We’re a couple of weeks out from having cabbages come in, and probably three weeks to a month out from broccoli and cauliflower.  Summer squash will start to roll in about that time as well, and we’ll be working our way out of greens-land and into the bounty of the seasonal transition.  In the next couple weeks we’ll also sow beans and plant out cucumbers, which will be coming along during the warmth of summer to keep us cool   and refreshed.

        This week enjoy garlic scapes diced and sautéed in stirfry or diced and served raw over salad if it suits your fancy.  They are an incredible flavor blast that will heighten any meal.  I like to do them in stirfrys with ground meat and veggies.  You can saute (or sear) the Portuguese kale, or use the big leaves as wraps in placement of sandwiches.  The spicy mustard is nice raw for a sinus cleanout, or if you’re not a fan of the strong flavor, it will cook down nicely in a stirfry and not pack quite such a wallop.  Also, check out the spicy mustard soup recipe to the right, we know you’ll find it stellar.

          As always, there is much to be done but it is an enjoyable process that we are thrilled to be part of.  Thank you for sharing the journey with us, it is a genuine pleasure!  Much love :) - Team HappyDay

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