HappyDay Farms CSA Newsletter, June 20th :)

Sometimes it feels like I’m moving through life at a dead sprint, pedal down, engine hitting the tachometer.  I’m looking forward to taking a break the week of July 4th; we won’t be doing farmers market or CSA that week.  I’m planning on not doing much, a desperately needed respite after the hecticness of spring.

        The farm is sure looking good, everything in full growth mode except the melons, which really didn’t like the cold period we had last week.  Everything else (myself included) loved the rain and the few days of cool weather.  Now I’m starting to feel ready for summer (which is good since it’s just about here)…

      I find myself changing hats often these days, from farmer to policy wonk to marketer to businessman.  It is a hard period for me, requiring more than I might have thought I had to give, but such is that nature of life.  I hope to look back on this in a couple of years and think to myself “wow that was rough, glad that it’s over”.  Sometimes I worry that this is the new normal though, and that things will never slow back down.

          We’re in the full swing transition from spring crops to summer ones, which means that we’re starting to see some empty beds which I’m thinking about sowing with a summer cover crop.  I’m considering either the standard OSB mix that we usually use, or a sowing of buckwheat, which does very well in the summer and provides a nice late nectar flow for the bees.

         There are so many flowers going off right now that the bees are happily buzzing all over the farm.  It’s always a joyous sight to see the pollinators enjoying the wide variety of options; we plant some things each year, but many have acclimated and sort of hopscotch around the garden as the please, popping up in different areas each year.  Flowers are good for the soul.

          I’m looking forward to Amber’s return later this week; it will be nice to have my best friend and partner back on the farm.  It’s been hard carrying the weight alone, and double hard missing her so it will be nice to be able to get back to normal.  Her mama is doing much better and we’re very glad for that.          The share this week is a stellar mix of tasty, crunchy options.  Salad mix and tender Asian stirfry mix complement heartier kale along with broccoli and cabbage.  Fresh garlic brings fabulous spicy flavor to many an entrée.  There are lots of stellar meals to be made, from a kale-walnut pesto over pasta, to stirfrys, to grilled cabbage, cole slaw, eggs over greens, frittata, the list is nearly endless. 

     Don’t be afraid of the greens, if you’re having trouble getting through them all just make a stirfry in a bigger pan; they wilt down pretty good and are excellent for you!  I’m pretty much a one-pan man, chop everything up and stirfry it kinda guy (unless I have too many ingredients and then I’ll split it into two pans).  We’re winding down on salad mix, though I think we’ll have it for another week or maybe two depended upon the weather.  Much love, great success, Team HappyDay :)

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