HappyDay Farms CSA Newsletter, May 1st:)

We’ve moved into May, and it is exciting!  Things are full steam ahead here on the farm as we’ve moved into upplanting and planting out the first rounds of hot crops, while we’re still in the thick of greens and heading crops.  Cabbages and cauliflower have gone out, one more round to go.  The first round of beets are in, and the third round of salad mix goes out this coming week, with another set coming along shortly.

           The days are long enough to accomplish many things; this is my favorite time of year, though I say that throughout the course of the seasons.  I love this time period of long days that aren’t yet too hot.  Spring is abundant in its growth, flowers are everywhere and the birds are a joy to hear.  Life overfloweth with the goodness of spring, and the farmer is overjoyed by the vigorous growth and participation in the magical turning of the seasons.

          April was a long month for me; I was scheduled for 27 days of meetings, events and conferences, though I skipped 3 of them I still found it difficult to keep all the balls in the air.  I am tremendously grateful for the assistance of Mama, Papa, Lito, Rosemary and the many other helping hands who have pitched in to make the world go round.  We’re right on schedule (which is important because if you get behind in spring, you stay behind all year) and jamming along.

         It is a joy to be part of a small, family farm, working together to prep, sow, transplant, and accomplish the myriad tasks that make up the ever-changing routine.  Six years into the CSA, we’ve started to settle into a rhythm, though it was much tougher to get back up and running this year because we shut it down for the winter.  I like being a year-round farmer; though there are fewer breaks, there is a continuity to the production cycles that keeps things moving in a more predictable manner. 

        The share this week is spring bounty at its finest; tasty, tender salad mixes, the first of the kale/collards and the last of the chard and beets.  Green garlic is a favorite of ours and we know you’ll find it every bit as delicious as we do.  I’ve just finished eating a  hamburger stir fry with the leftover greens from last week’s share and a strong base of sautéed green garlic.  It was outstanding and I highly recommend it to you.

          It was awesome to see the community out and about at the Weathertop Customer Appreciation sale this weekend.  Events like this remind me why I love this place so much.  It is a special time and place that we are thrilled to be part of as famers and community members.

           As always, it is a joy to participate in the process of farm to fork.  We appreciate you making the effort to be part of this process; much love and great success J - Team HappyDay

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