HappyDay Farms CSA Newsletter May 23 :)

We had us a nice time at the Usal Feed over the weekend.  Crucial to get some time away from the farm and duties, although at this point I think it’s gonna take more than 48 hours to recharge the batteries.  The season rolleth onward.

       There is always much to do on the farm and this time of year is when things start to reach a crescendo of growth and abundance, both crops and weeds.  It’s hard to keep up with everything and I am grateful for the help I receive in keeping the balls in the air.  Amber flies out again for Ohio tomorrow so we’ll certainly be missing her and wishing her safe travels and a speedy return.  Her mama is doing much better which is something for which we are thankful.

        There is lots going on in the cannabis policy world with the Board of Supervisors passing the Urgency Ordinance 5-0 last Tuesday.  Permits will now become available for farmers to scale up to 50 (5acres) or 99 (10 acres+).  This process will require applications, business licenses, building permits and a slew of other hoops to jump through.  Compliance attorneys are stepping up to help farmers through the process.

          We’re starting to get the hot crops out this week, planting out tomatoes and cucumbers early in the week and eggplants and peppers later and into the weekend.  It will be nice to have the seed-start greenhouses mostly empty for the first time in several months as we look toward the wind down of spring season.  There will be a short, few week break until the summer solstice, at which point we’ll get back to starting crops for late summer plantings.  Heading crops like broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage can be touch and go with the heat of summer but if we get large, strong transplants in the ground and keep them good and moist, we generally get the largest, best harvests of brassica that we see any time of year.  September and October have produced 10 pound cabbages in years past; we always look forward to the rotation of the seasons and the varying lineup of tasty edibilities.

           The share this week is a nice mix of different types to tender, flavorful greens.  We know you’ve been enjoying the salad as much as we have and this week is some of the best we’ve produced yet.  The cooler weather has been helpful in maintaining the mild flavor and avoiding the bitterness factor.

        Red Choi and tender kale make for excellent stirfrys or hearty salad additions.  These are the types of tender things that happen this time of year and we have been much enjoying them.  Also in the share you’ll find big leaves of Portuguese Kale, which is excellent for using to make wraps out of in place of bread for sandwiches.  We do this one a lot in the spring and summer.

              Though the journey is hectic and fraught with many trials and tribulations, it is a joy to share it with you as always.  We look forward to the coming summer months and the many tasty things we will harvest as the hot crop bandwagon gets up and running.  Much love J - Team HappyDay

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