HappyDay Farms CSA Newsletter May 30th :)

I sit down to write this on Sunday evening while waiting for the sun to drop so I can get to picking.  I’ve found over the last few weeks that if I can get a significant amount of harvesting done on Sunday evening, it makes the Monday rush bearable.  Greens season is always interesting because if you harvest in the sun you end up with wilted produce, which means the hours for picking are limited to early morning and late evening.

        During past years I would have been getting up at 5 to start the harvest but I’ve found this year that I’m running a different schedule, with more time spent in the evening sending emails and doing policy work, which has pushed back my bedtime and thus changed my morning rising time.  Such is the life these days.

           We’ve been jamming out through the weekend, working to get hot crops in the ground.  The first successions of tomatoes are in, as are all of the peppers (both hot and sweet) and all of the eggplants.  Many of the squash have gone out, though there are still more to go.  We have yet to start planting out the okra, and they are straining in their 4” pots, desperate for freedom from the greenhouses.  We will still see the next successions of tomatoes coming on, as well as the melons which are at least a week out.  We are crossing out fingers that the garlic will finish out soon (we planted more than usual last year and it is taking up a great deal of much needed bed space).

          It’s full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes, we’re keeping the wheels on but just barely.  Sometimes I wonder if I’m gonna be able to pull it all off, but so far things continue to roll.  I’m sure there are many details and issues that I am not seeing or catching at this point in the hectic season, and I ask forbearance for any mistakes or forgetfulness that may occur.  It has been most difficult with the boss gone for seven of the last eight weeks.  She’ll be back at some point this month, though we know not when as yet.  Mama Robin is getting out of the hospital on Tuesday, which is a great success indeed!

          The share this week is full of tasty spring greens; enjoy them because they are not likely to last much longer as we start to experience the heat of the coming summer months.  It’s been hot and dry the last few days, more so than I might like given the fact that there are still too many plants in the greenhouses and not enough time to keep everything watered as well as I might like.  Thankful for drip irrigation indeed, though we’ve had a few issues getting everything dialed in. 

Salad mix, kale, collards, red bok choi, cabbage or peas, many are the great successes in tasty, good for you, flavorful greens country.  I can’t get enough of them, whipping up big stirfrys and eating on the leftovers until it’s time to make more.    If you’re having trouble getting through all of them, use a bigger pan to make your stirfry and save the leftovers for lunch the next day.  Much love :) - Team HappyDay

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