HappyDay Farms CSA Newsletter, May 8th :)

Hello my friends:)  There is a certain point in the spring season when worry and stress about crops (will there be enough, will they be too damaged by bugs, will the frost ruin them) give way to the comfortable feeling of things shaping up right.  This is not to say that these other things may not yet happen, but the harvests are beginning to roll in.

          We’re delighted this week to bring you a wide variety of things, especially the strawberries which we went over to the coast to Mist Farm in Mendocino on Mothers’ Day (she enjoyed the trip very much) to acquire just for you, our dear friends.  They are stellar, but must be eaten right away as they will not hold for too long.  Please note that they have slight sunburning here or there, but eat them anyway and do not be alarmed (I’ve tested them out thoroughly;)).

         The apple juice comes from Redtail Ranch (many of you are probably familiar with it from the Laytonville Farmers Market during the summer.  It is liquid sunshine, bottled up last fall and stored for your springtime enjoyment.  It is full strength thickness, but can also be watered down by half to make a more store-bought style juice.

            Enjoy the Asian greens, collards, kales and mustards this week; as always, fear not a few flowers or holes in leaves.  They have no difference in flavor from the standard.  I’ve been eating them a great deal and have found them cool, crisp and delightful.  They are chock full of nutrients and plant minerals to keep you healthy and running strong.  Stirfry them, dice them up small for salads, or use the large Portuguese Kales leaves for wraps in lieu of bread.

        The salad mix continues to roll in with no end in sight.  We’ve managed to do great work with prepping and planting successions of salad, and we expect them to continue coming in well into June, although it all depends on the temperatures and our abilities to keep them cool during warm spells.

         A nice blend of lemon thyme and rosemary rounds out the share this week, providing you with some fresh herbs for making lemon-herb chicken (see recipe).  If you are not able to make use of them while they are fresh, simply place them on a dish on your counter and they will air dry for later use.

          ‘Tis the time of year when there are many balls in the air and it is the job of the farmer (juggler) to make sure that everything gets done.  We are running full steam ahead and enjoying the length of the days and the beauty of our surroundings.  Spring offers so many gorgeous scenes to behold that it is a little hard to believe that the brown of summer will soon follow.  We are working hard also on developing a workable cannabis policy for this year, which we hope to have more to report about soon.  Much love :) - Team HappyDay 

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