HappyDay Farms CSA Newsletter Oct 26th :)

Well, we’ve come to the end of our CSA time together for the year.  I trust it has been a most enjoyable journey for you thus far, and we look forward to doing it again next year.  Like we always do, we learned some things this year that will help us to be even better at getting local food to the community in the years to come.

       These last five years have been a magical journey that gets better with every trip around the sun.  Our knowledge as farmers deepens as does the spirit and support of our community.  Together, we are rebuilding the local infrastructure that once defined America.  It is a glorious process to share with you and we are grateful for our time together.

         It’s going to be nice to shut things down enough to get a bit of a breather.  We’re in need of a business plan revision and have a tremendous amount of compliance work to do in the coming season.  The break will enable me to focus on my growing role in policy work with California Growers Association during the next few crucial months while we formulate organizational strategic goals and objectives for 2016.

         It’s been a whirlwind of meetings, harvest, markets, eat, sleep, start over.  Many are the things to do this time of year, and shorter are the days.  I’m looking forward to winter season, hoping to get some proper rain.  We’ve sure enjoyed the cool and misty weather Sunday with a few sprinkles Saturday night.

       Though we’re backing off of the CSA program now, we’ll still be at the Laytonville Farmers Market through the end of November.  There are a fair number of odds and ends in the greens&brassica category that will continue to trickle in over the time to come.  I expect that we’ll have a bit of produce at Mendo Sun over the cool season as well.  Speaking of which, I hope you’ve been in to see our purveyors of quality foodstuffs; it’s so stellar to have a health food store in town again.

          We’ve been glad for your support for local food, raised and harvested fresh by farmers you know.  While we’re gone over the winter, my challenge to you is to think about ways we can all work together to produce more food in our locality.  Maybe you have a hoophouse you’d like to fire up.  Maybe you want to do a winter garden?  Shopping more locally is always a great place to start; the dollars you spend in your community will stay more in your community than the dollars you spend elsewhere.Over the long term, those dollars will build and support our local economies through the choices we make as we work together to accomplish our shared needs and goals.  It is a joyous time as we learn to apply the wonders of modern technology to traditional farming methods and values; a hybrid synthesis is the horizon of a new day.  Much love and a happy winter to all from HappyDay Farms, October 26th, 2015

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