HappyDay Farms CSA Newsletter October 19th :)

Wowee zowee, hard to believe that next week is our last week together until spring, but it sure is a necessary break that we’re coming into.  To be honest, my body is a bit worn out; it’s been a long season and I’m looking forward to backing off of the caffeine consumption and having time to rest up and heal some of the inevitable nagging injuries that occur during any farming season.

         It’s been an exciting and thought provoking year thus far; I’m looking forward to having time this winter to work more on cannabis policy and compliance, getting our farm fully permitted (slowly but surely) and working to help others make those steps.  It’s a journey that we will share together, fraught with setbacks and difficulties that we will have to work with focus to overcome.

        The farm is lush and soft with the recent rain.  We got half an inch, enough to wet down the dust and make the landscape feel warm and gentle again.  Everything becomes harsh and washed out under the heat and dust which continues into fall here.  The cool weather is a lovely respite from what has been a hot couple of weeks.

        We keep tiptoeing around greens season but the real truth of the matter is that when it came time to gear up for heavy fall and winter plantings, there just wasn’t enough juice in the tank.  A significant amount of what we did plant was eaten by quail, meaning that it’s lean greens time on the farm.  We look forward with longing to heading crops that won’t be ready until near Thanksgiving.

          The choreography of small farm living is intense because if you miss a beat, you pay for it a season later.  It’s going to be an interesting winter with fewer crops in the ground; I’m looking forward to having more time to focus on other things for the first time in five years, but I’m also wary of the resulting drop in productivity that awaits us in early spring when things are the most dear and few.

          We shall see.   One thing is for certain; farmers are ready for a break.  Celebrating Halloween and winding down the market season will be nice so that we can have some time to do strategic planning and figure out how to make the CSA even better next spring.  It’s going to be a delight that we look forward to sharing with you! :)

       The share this week is the bounty of fall mixed with the last remnants of summer’s glory.  We’re grateful to partner with Irene for her stellar carrots, onions and spinach, and with John and Marbry for their apples.  Life is good here on the farm as we move towards the darkness of winter.  Sounds like we might get a little rain this year, fingers crossed on that one.  Much love to all from Team HappyDay :)

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