HappyDay Farms CSA Newsletter, Sept 21st :)

This week’s share includes: Potatoes, Onions, Apples, Garlic, Hot/Sweet Peppers

      Water systems are funny.  Just when you think you’ve got them figured out and you don’t have to worry, you find yourself with no water anywhere on the farm in hot, dry weather.        That was the scene Sunday morning; no water anywhere on the farm, lots of things wanting water, Casey starting to lose it.  I checked the pumps; water churning just like normal underneath the floating docks, pumps are pumping.  Checked all the valves, walked the lines from to bottom… twice.  Really starting to lose it.

          Back down to the pumps, totally flummoxed.  Lito arrives; we fiddle around for a while, struggling with diagnostics.  After some head scratching, we decide to pull the dock in and inspect the pumps up close.

         Aha!  Both pumps running, but one of them blew it’s connection so that water was flowing up the line from one pump and back down the disconnected one, back into the pond.  Water pumping, but not going anywhere.

           Nothing like solving a dilemma to make you feel like you’ve accomplished something; made it to square one, water flowing into tanks.  It’s funny, even though we got some serious rain last week, you wouldn’t much know it at this point.

      We’re approaching the fall equinox which is always a time of bounty on the farm.  The hearty Yukon Gold potatoes and the onions this week are courtesy of Irene; it’s time for some fry-ups or bakers.  We’ve been baking extra ones to chop up for homefries in the morning, great is the success every time! :)

        The peppers add nice dimension to your fried potato dish, stirfry or other form of culinary preparation.  Apples provide a nice complement of sweetness.  

         The cooking greens got slowed a bit by the cool weather last week, so we’re taking a week off but they’ll be back in full effect next week, crisp and tasty.  Greens are my favorite and it’s been very much a stoked to start moving into the fall harvest pattern.

         We cherish our place in the world and are honored to produce vegetables for our community.  We appreciate sharing this relationship with you and would like to extend, as always, our gratitude.

        This is an amazing place to spend a lifetime and we are thrilled to be surrounded by so many loving, thoughtful people.  There is much work to be done in representing the way of life that we hold dear in the face of the inevitable corporatization of reality.  We work to build food security and rebuild local production infrastructure; it is a joy to share the journey.  Much love to all from Team HappyDay :)

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