HappyDay Farms Newsletter September 28th :)

The share this week includes; Potatoes, Onions, Apples, Carrots, Eggplant, Hot Peppers, Chard 

        Past the equinox and moving into the downturn.  It was dark so early that when I sat down to write the newsletter I thought it was 10pm and came to find out it was only 8:45.  The time, it is a changing.

        I’m not used to expecting/looking forward to a seasonal downturn.  It will be good to focus my attention over the winter on planning and organizing farmers.  There is much work to be done and I am excited for the challenge.

        I also feel fear; of the future, of the regulations, of our ability to maintain our way of life under the inevitable pressures that come with governmental interface.  I am nervous but hopeful for the ability of communities like ours to survive and maintain in the face of change.

         From a cultural perspective, we are beginning to experience a small farm revitalization that is breathing new life into rural economies that have been gutted by the industrialization of rural jobs.  The ‘get big or get out’ motto of modern agriculture forced millions of farmers off of their land and into the cities.  We’re now working to figure out ways that we can put people back on the land and maintain them there.  Cannabis can help.

         It is a joy to represent a diversified, small farm perspective that is rooted in the fundamental necessity of food production. Growing food because we eat it means that we are focused on cultivars that taste good rather than because they ship or store well. 

       The seasonal transition is full/fall upon us as we see leaves on the oak trees starting to drop.  We’re enjoying the first waves of fall greens, just in the nick of time because by the end of summer I’m desperate for the tasty, crispness of fresh greens.  Enjoy the chard or kale this week, we’ll hope to keep something along the lines of salad or cooking greens coming along over the next few weeks.

       The potatoes are outstanding, we’ve been eating the heck out of them in all sorts of standard Irish potato manner.  It’s pretty hard to go wrong with tates, especially when they’re this good.

        We’re always extra stoked during seasonal transitions on our partnerships with other farms.  Being able to depend on the various things we get from Irene’s Garden Produce and from Redtail Ranch enables us to meet a wider variety of potentials for the CSA while also guaranteeing our orders and providing food to more folks than we would otherwise be able to on our own.  It is a magical experience to be part of an awakening of local food production and consumption as we work together to revitalize the food systems that built this country.  As always, we thank you for being part of the journey with us, great success, Team HappyDay :)

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