HappyDay Farms Welcomes Spring :)

These days, I spend so much of my time traveling to meetings and conferences that it is difficult to find the time to run the business.  I am grateful for my wife, mother, father and brother, who have stepped up to fill the gaps in my work.  Together, we operate our small family farm, prepping the beds, planting the seeds, transplanting, fertilizing and maintaining the myriad chores that make up the farm routine.  There is always work to be done, but it is a joyful effort.

          There is nothing I love more than to spend my day on the farm, working the soil, participating in the cycle and rhythm of the seasons.  It is a deep joy to farm, to live life attached to the earth, working with my hands to produce food and medicine for my community and the patients who consume the cannabis we cultivate.  We have been gifted with many different strains from friends, which we propagate as seeds, honoring the tradition of cannabis cultivation as it has evolved in our little corner of the world.

         Though many things change, many things stay the same.  The cycle renews, spring is upon us as we cut cover crop, prep beds and sow seeds.  Life comes back around with a sweet familiarity, a gentle déjà vu that envelops the soul with feelings of warmth and good energy.  The growth of plants is a joy in which to participate, learning and cultivating potentials with each trip around the sun.

       This time of year is one of my favorite periods in the cycle around the sun.  Growth renews, plants spring forth from seeds and the birds are all around the garden.  Tulips, daffodils, mustards and other brassica that have gone to flower are in full glory, filling the air with their scents.  The bees buzz happily among the flowers, and my heart sings with joy.  There is much to be pleased with; we’ve weathered the heavy storms of winter (though there are undoubtedly some to come), and we’re catching up on the spring work.  Operating as a team, we accomplish much in little time, everyone well equipped to fill the role they find themselves in.  It is a joyous process, working in the soft sunshine of spring, though the North wind has been blowing a great deal of late, bringing with it a chill that reminds us that it is still March and there are still freezes and probably snowstorms to come.

            Last year we were given meat rabbits; two does and a buck.  One of the does birthed a litter of which 5 babies have survived thus far.  They are incredible little fur balls, adorable and fun to watch.  I stand in the greenhouse where they are kept in the mornings after I fill their food and water, enjoying the presence of new life.  They watch me with curiosity, each a different color from light grey to almost black.  It is one of the simple joys of my day, early in the morning before things get moving.

         Life is hectic these days and I treasure the moments of calm.  It can be hard to find them, either because of things going on or because I am experiencing inner turmoil.  I do not take my role as public representative lightly, and I am often plagued by angst over a given policy question or interaction.  There is always much to be done; I try to go about my day with a clear mind and open heart but I am often clouded by the weight of responsibility.  I love what I do but the weight can be heavy at times.  I am grateful for my community and my place in the world, grateful to be able to work the soil on my farm and to cultivate the many different crops that we grow.  The time is now and I try to stay focused in the present, avoiding the inevitable mental pitfalls of negative thought loops.

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