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HappyDay Farms CSA Newsletter August 8th

The Monday after Reggae on the River is always a little rugged for this guy.  I didn’t party too much this year, and it was good to help as a volunteer with the Kitchen setup and trouble-shooting during the weekend.  The music was good, and I saw lots of old friends whom I don’t see much anymore.  Good things all around, though I am a bit worn out today.         It’s August, which means we’re dealing with water issues.  It’s funny, no matter how good the system works in June and July, when we hit August we always seem to run into trouble.  Facebook showed me a post from two years ago that discussed being out of water and...

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HappyDay Farms CSA Newsletter August 1st :)

Yes indeed, we have arrived in the month of August!  We’re still battling water issues on the farm; I’ve found that I need to clean the filters much more than I thought initially to keep the irrigation working properly.  Sunday evening is filter cleaning time; I take an old toothbrush and scrub out the filters that are attached prior to each timer around the farm.         We clean the main filter every day, but there is so much algae and silt coming through that we also need to clean the smaller pre-timer filters.  One of these days we’ll get around to buying the big boy filter for 2 grand that self-cleans and lives down by the pond.  It’s one of...

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